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Digital Workspaces Computer Trading LLC

Digital Workspaces is a trusted advisor that provides state of the art Digital, Cloud and IT Infrastructure solutions tailored to our customer requirements. We develop solutions and services based on a thorough understanding of our customer’s business environment, market demands, and organizational goals. We can address all aspects of technology development life-cycle – from consulting and designing a solution, to integrating, implementing, and ongoing management of the solution.

Our Digital, Cloud and IT Infrastructure Solutions enables our customers to optimize their digital business and applications on a reliable and scalable platform. Our comprehensive suite of cloud, network, security, and infrastructure integration solutions span the entire life cycle, including consulting and designing platforms, to integrating with complementary components, and then implementing the solution and ongoing management of the solution.

Our Information Security Solutions are focused on minimizing the security risk that organizations face today. We provide mobile security, managed security services and custom security consulting service in partnerships with leading security technology vendors. We have expertise on the optimization, consolidation, and visibility of network security and cyber risks. We can address all aspects of security life-cycle of business organizations – from consulting and designing a solution to integrating, implementing, and managing security environments.



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