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Maximize value of your digital technology investments

It doesn’t matter what size of business you run. Tech problems become a big part of how you spend your time. If you don’t have an IT team, you’re probably sending a nontechnical person to manage the issue.

And, if you have an inhouse tech team, odds are they’re busy
focusing on significant projects, leading to even longer waits to solve your problems.

Managed IT services can help you recover the time you’re spending solving tech problems, reduce downtime, and eliminate the backlog of IT problems your inhouse team is dealing with.

We remove technical tasks from your todo list, so you don’t lose more time than

Technical support that drives your business forward

We’re here to help you get out of the weeds while keeping your tech running. You can’t afford to lose time because you’re fiddling with your network connection or because you’ve been hacked. We work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.
We bring 20 years of dedicated tech experience to your business and all the knowledge we’ve accumulated to help give your business the boost it needs to remain competitive.

The exact level of service that you need
How you work with us depends on what’s going on in your business.

 There are two main ways we help our customers deal with technology:

Fully managed IT service

Perfect for startups and smaller companies that don’t have an inhouse tech team.  We can look after all your tech needs, big or smalleverything from hardware procurement to IT strategy and development.

Co-managed IT services

Ideal for when you’ve got an internal team, but they could use a little additional support.
Whether it’s running the help desk, monitoring your network, or keeping an eye on security, we’ve got your back.
This is a great way to boost your knowledge inhouse and take care of some strategic tech initiatives sitting on the back burner.

Regardless of the type of arrangement we have, we work hard to help you:

Boost compliance

Compliance is increasingly hard to manage for businesses these days. It impacts every aspect of your business, from how you store customer data to marketing.


Gain control over pending

You don’t have to sign longterm contracts or pay for a year’s service upfront. With us, you pay the same monthly fee, with no surprise charges just consistent monthly billing.

Get faster resolutions to tech issues.

You are no longer waiting for your inhouse team to fix the printer or your bookkeeper to select the network. We are dedicated to solving your problems as fast as possible.

Work smarter

Do away with old ways of getting the job done and embrace modern work. We can help you implement automation or create custom software solutions that help you streamline the way you work and better serve your customers.

Work with UAE’s preferred managed IT services company

Maximize uptime

Downtime can cost your business thousands of dollars a minute and impact productivity.

We keep your systems and your business running.

Improve security

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise.

Keep your business safe from the damage caused by hackers.

Complete scalability

You need a system that can meet even unexpected surges in demand. We can help you scale up or down as necessary to complete busy periods while saving money.

Supplement your enterprise IT department

Between growing their businesses, developing their products, and finding new customers, startups have a lot on their plates. Having to deal with IT and other technical problems adds a layer of complexity to running a business that most founders don’t have the time or the budget to deal with properly.
When you add to the challenge of finding the right people, especially in IT, ensuring your tech stack is effectively managed can sometimes be an afterthought.

can take care of all of that for you

Startups can use managed service providers (MSPs) like DWS to care for all their IT needs. From working the help desk to ensuring maximum uptime, our highly trained experts keep everything running, so you can focus on growth and prioritize the projects that drive business. Best of all, you get everything you need for one monthly price, with no contracts or longterm agreements and no surprise charges.

Full-service support for your growing business

Even enterpriselevel tech teams have their limits, even when your business has needs.

 We can help your inhouse tech team by taking on the tasks they don’t have time to deal with themselves.

DWS can take care of all of that for you.
Startups can use managed service providers (MSPs) like DWS to care for all their IT needs.
From working the help desk to ensuring maximum uptime, our highly trained experts keep everything running, so you can focus on growth and prioritize the projects that drive business.
Best of all, you get everything you need for one monthly price, with no contracts or longterm agreements and no surprise charges.

Fullservice support for your growing business

Even enterpriselevel tech teams have their limits, even when your business has needs. We can help your inhouse tech team by taking on the tasks they don’t have time to deal with

DWS can provide you with a supplemental tech squad to help manage the daytoday needs of your business without spending a fortune on a secondary IT team.


We can help you overlook details like:

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    Help desk support
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    Security monitoring and maintenance
  • admin-ajax-removebg-preview
    Software development
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    Digital transformation

Best-in-class technology solutions at affordable price

You must watch your bottom line, whether a lean startup or a wellfunded enterprise.

Keeping your tech stack running, optimized, and secure can be expensive, but not doing it costs you more. Not only can a single breach set you back millions in fines, but it can also cost  millions to fix the damage done to your systems, and, perhaps worse, it can destroy the trust your customers have for your business.

At DWS, we believe you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to manage your technology. We help you get the exact level of service you need to keep things running for a low monthly fee. You get predictable costs with no surprise hourly fees. Our packages are allinclusive to help you get all the support you need for one price.

We provide dependable access to our entire team of IT experts, who can help you with problems as they arise. Our techs are recognized as some of the most helpful, friendliest people in the industry (just read our reviews). But they’re not just lovely; they have certifications from companies like Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, and Google to ensure they know all the current best practices for the technology that runs your business.

We include regular strategy sessions to evaluate your business, and your technology needs to ensure your tech is serving your business in the best way possible.

 We are constantly looking for ways your tech can improve processes, workflow, and collaboration among your team. We want to be the strategic technology partner that guides your business into the future.

Augment your in-house team with co-managed IT support.

Let us help you manage your daytoday technical needs and strategic projects.

Please don’t ignore that backlog of projects; deal with it (with our help).

 Your internal IT team has a lot going on. And the bigger the company, the more likely there will be a backlog of projects that need to be done,     although they aren’t a top priority. But, if you don’t work away at it, the problem goes from being a few small tasks to something unmanageable. Luckily, for those situations, comanaged IT support can help. Get the support you need without hiring more staff Hiring isn’t always an option. And, with most prominent organizations, you have to jump over hurdles to bring on a team. Sometimes, you don’t have the time needed to make that happen.

Co-managed solutions are the help you need.

With a comanaged IT agreement, you don’t just get an extra employee when needed. You gain a whole team of experts who can provide a high level of care and support, remove pressure from your internal tech team, and give you more time to focus on your customers.

There are three main ways comanaged solutions help your business:

Eliminating backlog of day-to-day tasks

Comanaged solutions help you take care of all the daily tech tasks that come up but can’t be
taken care of because your internal team is focused on bigpicture projects.

Helping with strategic business initiatives

You can tick a few items off your technical to-do list or get help with more significant projects
helping your business grow.
focused on
bigpicture projects.

Giving you more time to focus on your domain of genius

With a responsive, alwaysavailable tech partner, you no longer have staff trying to solve
minor technical problems independently. They gain back time that can be used to focus on serving your customers.

Full-service support for your growing business

Comanaged agreements bring so much more than bestinclass tech support. You gain access to a team of experts with knowledge, handson experience, a deep understanding of the current technology market, and thoughts on the next big thing.

We can help you with the following:

Reduce the strain on your internal IT team. Let us handle tasks that take your inhouse team away from work that helps you make your customers happy.

Get faster resolutions of technical issues. We can respond to your problems right away. We exist to solve your problems and minimize disruptions in your day.

Decrease downtime in case of a cyberattack. We work fast to restore your business to its pre attack state with as little data loss as possible. If it’s an allhandsondeck situation, we can work alongside your inhouse team to help get you back to business quickly.

Increase coverage and security monitoring. The best approach to cybersecurity is to stop problems as soon as they happen. We provide 24/7 monitoring of your systems to ensure your systems are always protected

Increase inhouse knowledge. We know a lot about technology and how it can help your business. Comanaged solutions are perfect for getting a consultation and expert opinions on all your businessfocused tech initiatives.

Here’s what a comanaged agreement could bring to your business.

The best thing about comanaged solutions is that each one is tailored to suit the needs of the business.

 You’re not getting stuck in a onesizefitsall situation where you’re not paying for
services you will not use. You get only what your business needs.

Full-service support for your growing business

When things go wrong, you need to fix them fast. The longer you wait for even the most straightforward solutions, the less time you can spend doing your job. Or, worse, you end up with employees implementing fixes that might let them return to work but leave your business open to hackers. You can get Levels 1, 2, or 3 helpdesk services as part of your co managed agreement.

 This lets you resolve your technical problems quickly using secure methods.

 Our technicians can help 24/7 via phone, email, or chat.

Enhanced security practices and monitoring

Security is a constant concern for businesses of all sizes. As companies grow, the number of possible attack vectors grows with it. From employees to legacy infrastructure, there are seemingly endless access points to the sensitive data within your company. With a co managed agreement, you can remove the need to constantly monitor and watch by passing it off to a team of highly trained security experts. Not only can we provide you with roundthe
clock monitoring of your systems, allowing you to take a more practical approach to security, but we can help introduce a securityfocused approach to your staff.

We offer security training to help ensure that your staff has the most uptodate knowledge about attacks threatening organizations. But, we don’t stop at the theoretical. We can also run handson training drills to ensure that your employees know precisely what a phishing attempt looks like when it appears in their inbox.

Network monitoring

Like security, the best approach to keeping your network running is constant monitoring and a proactive approach to solving problems. If you’re only catching network problems when something breaks, you lose out on more productive hours than you need.

24/7 network monitoring helps you notice problems as they’re starting and fix them before they get too big, minimizing costly downtime. You can gain Level1, 2, or 3 helpdesk services depending on your needs. And you can reach us via phone, email, or chat.

Managed Websites and Web Applications

It can be too easy to forget about your website when business is booming, but you shouldn’t.
Your website is a critical piece of the puzzle regarding landing new customers. They tell people what your company does, help them understand how you can help and provides an easy way to contact you.

 If even one of these pieces needs to be corrected, potential customers will wander off searching for someone who clearly explains all these things. We can help you get a responsive, SEOfriendly website that demonstrates your authority and helps people see they need your services. We can design, create content, and help you maintain the site.

Telephony and Unified Communications Infrastructure

Although the internet has taken over the business world, you still need to be able to hop on a
call with existing and potential customers. We can help you install or upgrade your communications infrastructure to a modern system designed with your business in mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a tried and tested wired phone line or implementing a unified communication setup; we have it covered.

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