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Cloud Computing: Setup, Migration & Management of All Your Services

Cloud computing has been a hotly discussed topic for almost a decade. Despite its widespread use, many businesses still need help understanding cloud computing and how it can help them.

Cloud Computing Process

What is the cloud, anyway? In short, it’s a way to host IT services and software in an off premise data center and access them ondemand via the Internet. How does this help you? First, because these data centers are monitored around the clock by skilled network engineers, it saves you the trouble of buying, hosting, and managing costly IT infrastructure. The cloud also provides uptime and reliability that most businesses could never achieve on their own but these two advantages are just the start.

The Many Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing continues to attract attention and demand because it empowers
organizations to reach higher efficiency and productivity while simultaneously reducing the
cost and stress associated with new technology.

Increased Scalability – Add New Capacity on Demand

Cloud computing was designed to allow businesses to purchase as much or as little computing resources as they need to work effectively.

As your organization grows, you can flexibly purchase more resources to meet those needs.

Have a big project that requires a sudden, long, or shortterm increase in computing or storage resources? With cloud computing, they’re within easy reach.

Improved Efficiency – Maximize Uptime and Availability

By handing the management, support, and maintenance of specific applications over to experts, you save the expense of buying and managing network hardware while also increasing the reliability of your network and software. Ensuring your systems are always available makes your business more stable and has a direct, positive impact on your bottom

Enhanced Data Security – Secure Clouds are the New Normal

Gone are the days when cloud computing was a security liability. Evolving best practices for  cloud security assessment, data loss prevention, and threat protection have eliminated many of the typical security concerns provided you can access the expertise required to apply those best practices to your network.

The cloud team at DWS can help tailor the latest cloud technologies to your business requirements, delivering improved efficiency and optimal security and compliance

Strengthened Flexibility and Mobility – Better Communication and Innovation

Your data in the cloud is freely accessible to whatever source best suits your business need.
Employees can safely collaborate on projects, share data and ideas across your organization, innovate faster, and provide better products and services to your customers.

Strategy is the Foundation of Cloud Adoption

To make the most of the cloud, you’ll need to analyze your current systems and future business goals, then develop a strategic approach that aligns the two usingthe latest cloud technology.

Strategy is crucial to your cloud computing transition.

It helps you identify what can and should be migrated and prioritizes cloud services with the most significant business impact.

The Cloud Migration Process

Cloud migration is the process of moving your onpremises applications to the cloud. Cloud migrations are notoriously tricky, with just 27% of businesses reporting great satisfaction with their cloud migration experience. To help ensure a successful cloud migration, our engineers
will determine which services can be securely moved to the cloud, find a cloud architecture that works for you, and solve any other challenges you face during the process.

Cloud design and strategy

As cloud computing grows in popularity, so does the need to combine multiple public cloud services.
A multicloud strategy can produce a seamless digital fabric for business productivity.
Achieving this requires the hand of a skilled expert with compliance expertise, vendor management experience, and a strong cybersecurity background, like DWS.

Multi-Cloud Strategy - A Trusted Partner for Cloud Deployment and Management

Cloud computing is the foundation for nextgeneration productivity. Cloud computing is the ideal place to start for businesses that want to maximize reliability and productivity.
DWS can help your business make the most of cloud  computing in UAE. From an initial assessment to fullscale cloud migration, management, and beyond, we provide dependable custom solutions to achieve peak efficiency and foster growth.

If you want help to make the most of the cloud or have questions about what the cloud can do for your company, we’re always happy to help. Contact us to speak with one of our cloud experts. We look forward to talking with you soon!

Seamlessly Migrate to Office 365 With DWS

Office Solutions

Get the Office 365 migration tools your business needs. Our tailormade migration solutions
are designed to minimize downtime and optimize operations.

Why choose DWS for your Office 365 migration service?

Boost return on investment (ROI)

Migrating to Office 365 (now called Microsoft
365) will help you streamline systems and improve collaboration.

Easily scalable

Quickly add or remove licenses and users. Create custom solutions
for every department.

24/7/365 monitoring

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Competitive, predictable pricing

Our transparent and affordable rates mean you
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Smooth transition for users

Eliminate unnecessary interruptions and costly

Cloud Solutions


Cloud computing is on the rise, with 90% of businesses already taking advantage of it. This cuttingedge technology makes it easier to adapt and set your business up for success by allowing you to scale up and down effortlessly, as needed. We can help you move your business to the cloud and manage everything once you’re there

Improved, on-demand scalability

You can scale the resources your business needs up or down at a moment’s notice. Cloud computing allows you to adapt to sudden increases (or decreases) in demand without sacrificing productivity.

Better efficiency

We take the burden of managing, supporting, and maintaining your
application out of your hands so you can focus on your business. We ensure everything is always running and available for your staff to maximize uptime and reduce downtime costs.

Increased flexibility and mobility

The cloud allows you to work from anywhere, anytime you
need to. Not only that, it lets you collaborate with teams on projects as easily as if you were in
the same room.

Enhanced security

The cloud is more secure than ever, thanks to constantly evolving
security best practices. We help you prevent data loss by providing threat protection services that address the most common security problems.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Get a multi-cloud strategy that helps your business grow

We help you navigate the cloud landscape to find the right combination of cloud services for your company. A multicloud strategy can produce a seamless digital experience for your business productivity.

 We guide you through the process and help you understand which cloud services are the best for you. Cloud services like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, and Oracle can all help your business in different ways. We help you strategically combine these services to create a killer suite of cloudbased services for your business. From initial assessment to cloud migration, management, and maintenance, our experts can help you every step of the way.
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