Enduser Computing Solutions

Enduser solutions for improved employee productivity

End Users in organizations utilize several End User Computing devices such as Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Audio video equipment and Peripherals.

Knowing what your employees needs and giving it to them can have a powerful impact on your business. When employees have access to the right devices, applications and data, they’re empowered achieve more. Our Enduser computing solutions helps you to identify what your employees need to perform at their best.

DWS delivers Enduser Computing Solutions with the state of the art technologies and supported by a combination of remote and onsite services. DWS is a trusted end-user computing services provider focused on security, organizational mobility, and optimize total cost of ownership. 

Image Management

 keeping desktop and laptop images up to date reduces demand on support and ensures greater business productivity.

Backup and Recovery

availability of of data is critical to the resilience of organizations <br>.

Enterprise Mobility

– we helps organization to ensure that mobilizing the workforce delivers the expected productivity benefits with EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) and MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions.

Automation and Optimization

replacing error-prone manual tasks enables better provisioning and monitoring, as well as greater efficiency.<br>,

End-user computing solutions: A wide variety of user-facing solutions including:

  • Desktop and notebook computers

  • Desktop operating systems and applications

  • Tablets, Wearables and other mobile devices

Unified Workspace: Deploy, secure, manage and support your devices from the cloud.

  • Modernize your IT management

  • Improve workforce experiences

  • Optimize Enduser Management costs

Secure remote data access

  • Supporting mobile and BYOD trends requires remote data access through a number of devices and operating systems. Patriot mobile solutions maintain security regardless of the devices and systems supported.


Desktop virtualization

  • Running desktop operating systems through a layer of software (hypervisor) as opposed to on a physical server consolidates desktops for easier management and more efficient use of computing resources.s


Tailored Enduser Computing Solutions

  • DWS designs and deploys tailored Enduser Computing solutions catered to your unique organizational needs. Custom Enduser solutions have the potential to deliver excellent results and solve specific business challenges. 

DWS delivers services that helps organizations to operate optimum enduser computing solutions, maintain standard Operating Environment and provide first level support for all endpoint and client specific application support requirements. We perform standard application installations and support critical processes via innovative automation solutions.

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