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Cyber Security Strategy and Consulting

We’re firm believers in the managed cybersecurity model, which provides companies with ongoing vigilance and proactive cybersecurity protection for a flat monthly fee. However, we understand there are times when onetime engagements best suit our clients’ needs.

Our security strategy and consulting team can leverage years of experience to quickly get up to speed on your cybersecurity challenges and help you address a wide range of problems, from penetration tests to gauge the preparedness of your defenses to oneoff risk assessments and regulatory compliance audits that provide insight and peace of mind.

Whether your business is just beginning to tighten its grip on your cybersecurity protocols or looking for a trusted expert to guide corrective steps to a chronic security pain paint, the DWS team can deliver the skills and resources you need anywhere across the country.

Dependable Cybersecurity Starts with a Risk Assessment

There’s no such thing as onesizefitsall cybersecurity. Each company is vulnerable in unique ways, so each of our engagements begins with a thorough risk & vulnerability assessment. During this evaluation, our security engineers audit all your technology and business processes to locate and prioritize your cyber exposures.

This assessment gives us an overall picture of where you’re most unfortified. The result is a
detailed report that includes the following:

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    Requirement and situation analysis
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    Review of existing security controls
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    Detailed threat assessment
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    Risk & Vulnerability scan
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    Recommended actions
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    Impact and likelihood assessment

Cybersecurity That’s Both Proactive and Comprehensive

Cybersecurity threats evolve fast, often hour to hour. Effective cyber defenses must be equally vigilant to remain effective, which means proactivity. After your risk assessment iscomplete, the next step in our process is to build a customized set of controls that addresses those vulnerabilities.

Proactive Patching and Updates

To provide optimal security, servers, endpoints, and network appliances must all be updated with the latest patches and firmware. We’ll implement a system to ensure all that work happens reliably and on time.

A Whole Cybersecurity Process

But that doesn’t mean it’s a hopeless situation far from it. With the help of an experienced cybersecurity partner like DWS, even the smallest business can operate confidently and safely.

What Can our Years of Cybersecurity Expertise Do for You?

Strong cybersecurity requires a deep understanding of the threats that face your business and the skills and tools to counter those threats properly. We’ve been providing these resources to UAE businesses for many years.

Our security team possesses updated cybersecurity intelligence about malware, phishing techniques, ransomware, and hackers’ latest attack vectors to steal data. We translate that intelligence into vigilant cybersecurity defenses for our clients.

Comprehensive cybersecurity service allows you to focus on your core business with confidence that our protections and safeguards are optimized and ready to defend you.

Malware Protection

Protecting against malware involves improving email security, ensuring your systems are patched and updated, and staying aware of the latest trends in the cyber defense community.

Ransomware protection

Ransomware attacks continue to adapt to new technology and wreak havoc on UAE businesses. Decisively answering these threats requires always having a security expert by
your side.

Changing business needs

Phishing attacks are the hacker’s favorite way to infiltrate a network, doubling in the last year alone. We can train your employees to identify the latest phishing scams helping to
safeguard valuable network credentials and data.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments use specialized tools and databases to probe your systems in search of potential areas of cybersecurity exposure like outofdate or poorly patched software and firmware. A largely technologydriven process, vulnerability assessments are inexpensive enough to be performed regularly after significant changes are made to your network infrastructure or software configurations.

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests or ‘pen tests simulate a real-world cyberattack on your network using a team of human professionals. More thorough than a vulnerability assessment, penetration tests are designed to yield deep insight into the security of your network and applications. The broad category of penetration tests contains several variations:

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    Network penetration testing & exploitation
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    Physical security testing
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    Cloud penetration testing
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    Social engineering testing

Due to their complexity and scope, many organizations won’t need to run frequent penetration tests. However, organizations in regulated industries housing sensitive data should do regular testing to help ensure their protections are providing optimal security and full compliance.

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