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Enabling enterprises to adapt into the dynamic marketplace

Office IT Setup and Relocations

Whether moving to a new office or simply expanding your current one, we help you run the wire and plan the move from a technical perspective, so you can keep your focus on growing your business.

 This service is builtin for existing clients, so we’ve covered you even if you weren’t planning any significant expansions or moves.

Team growth

When your staff increases, your infrastructure should grow.

We help you get the increased capacity you need to ensure you have room for new staff. You can also get additional server space, new computers, and more for your growing team.


Growth sometimes means a bigger office.

 We help you ready your new office for your business, advance your tech stack, and ensure everything is ready when you are, so your business doesn’t have to pause while you move.

Changing business needs

Sometimes, your business shifts to meet market demands.

This could mean new services or products, new industries, or discontinuing existing offerings. Whatever the need, we make sure your tech stack is up to the job.

Getting help for strategic initiatives and projects within your organization

Along with taking care of your daily tech needs, we can help you move forward with the
special projects that come with business growth.

This includes things like:


Cabling and wiring

As you grow, you’ll often need to expand the network capabilities of your existing space.

We’ll help run wires to new workstations and offices to ensure your business has the necessary connectivity.

Office moves

Sometimes when you grow, you can’t just run more wire and add new workstations.

 You need to pack up shop and move to a bigger office. We will make sure that your new office is ready to go when you’re ready to roll.

Data migration

Don’t leave data migration up to your distracted inhouse team. We can help you plan, develop, and implement a migration strategy that keeps your confidential business data secure throughout the process.

Server buildout and upgrades

Let us take the reins on your new server buildout projects. We work with you to procure the hardware that best suits your business, install it, and ensure everything is running correctly afterward.

IT Strategy and Planning

When you don’t have enough technical staff, it’s easy to spend most of the time just trying to keep the lights on and no time thinking about the future. You’ll lose out to forwardthinking competitors in today’s business world if you’re not constantly thinking about what’s next.  Fortunately, our tech experts love to spend their time learning the newest and best technology and figuring out how it can help your business. We work closely with you to learn the ins and outs of your company and its tech needs; then, we help you figure out the best route to implement cuttingedge solutions to help your business thrive.  We offer security training to help ensure that your staff has the most uptodate knowledge about attacks threatening organizations. But we don’t stop at the theoretical. We can also run handson training drills to ensure that your employees know precisely what a phishing attempt looks

Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery

Your business is at grave risk without a clear plan for backing up and restoring production
data. Did you know that 60% of SMBs that experience catastrophic data loss go out of business within six months? Our business continuity services go beyond data backups, preparing your business for various disasters, including ransomware, cyber attack, human error, natural disasters, and much more.

vCIO and vCISO Services

T is a strategic investment for your business, not an operational expense. Our experts guide your business with our virtual chief information officer and virtual chief information security officer services. We can help you decide on the best security and technology practices to help you meet your business goals. You can get the full CIO or CISO experience while saving money on staffing.
We act as your strategic partner for the future by keeping our fingers on the pulse of the
industry. We proactively look for ways to help you save money, work smarter, and be ready
for sudden shifts in the industry.

With the help of our vCIO services, you remain technically competitive. You always know what’s developing, what’s cutting edge, and what the benefit of any new technology may be
for your customers.

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